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Washington Nationals


Washington Nationals, Major League Baseball team.



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Washington Nationals Re-Branding


The Nationals organization had recently moved into a brand new purpose built stadium and needed to improve attendances and fan experiences, and attract new sponsors and partners.


Our task was to reposition and redesign the Nationals’ brand to create excitement around some of the best young players playing in Major League Baseball for a team representing the nation’s capital. 



We took existing elements of the brand and pulled them apart and reused them in a bold and interesting new manner. We kept it simple and bold. We created an image style that focuses on the players in action, and that communicates that excitement of the game. We used imagery, copywriting and type treatments to convey the new "Natitude" of the team. 
Our new brand was widely applied in and around the ballpark. From gigantic banners hanging around the stadium down to the season tickets, our brand look and feel was applied everywhere. We even helped with in-game experiences from the scoreboard to the food vendors and everything in-between. 

The revitalization of the Nationals brand separates them from other Major League Baseball teams and the competitive D.C. sports market. The new branding establishes an emotional connection between the Nat’s, the players and the fans. The National’s have seen a significant improvement in short-term business results, ticket sales, sponsorship renewals and many other revenue-enhancing facets. There has been a renewed buzz around the capital about the Nat’s and the fan experience in and around the ballpark.

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