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Avery Products Corporation is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of self-adhesive labels, labeling software, binders, dividers and other products, and markets under the well-known Avery® brand.



Consumer Packaged Goods



Avery Rebranding, Packaging & Eco Guidelines



To create a flexible branding system that would be easy to implement worldwide. In addition, we needed to develop Avery’s eco positioning, messaging and guidelines that would work in conjunction with Avery’s new look and feel.



I designed a modular system so that it could be adapted to many different applications across numerous business units around the globe. For this simple system, I developed a toolbox of items, from logos and color pallet to photography and illustrations, which could all be implemented in multiple combinations.



The client was very pleased with the work and the system I had developed, and we were working towards rolling it out. Unknown to us and our contacts at the time, Avery Dennison was about to be purchased. The new ownership chose to go another direction and have redesigned the company logo but have kept the dated packaging the same. 

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