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Rudy's Fresh Mexican Restaurants


Rudy's Fresh Mexican. A chain of fast-casual Mexican restaurants.


Restaurant / Hospitality


Rudy's complete rebrand


Rudy's is a popular fast-casual restaurant chain in Southern California that has been family owned and operated for over 40 years. They had outgrown their previous identity that was inconsistently implemented and had become less relevant to the new positioning. I needed to respect the heritage and goodwill of the Rudy's name while creating a brand that was fresh and relevant to a changing demographic.
I was asked to create new positioning, a refreshed brand look and feel and relevant messaging. The new brand identity needed to be implemented across the many applications of a chain of restaurants, from menus, promotions, and food wraps, to website, signage and restaurant interiors.


Based on research and working with the Rudy's family, we decided on a positioning that spoke to all the unique aspects of the business: "Fresh, Family, Food." The new logo reflects the Mexican heritage of the family and 40 years in business with a fresh new approach. I devised a graphic language that carried this concept through via typography and photography that hit upon all of the brand's touchpoints.


We had a successful rollout celebrating the 40th anniversary of the business. The new identity has been very well received and continues to evolve through promotions, new stores and on social media. The new consistent look has instilled confidence and goodwill in customers new and old.

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