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Hyperion, Rebranding
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Hyperion, Rebranding
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Hyperion, Rebranding
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Hyperion, a leading provider of performance management software.


Technology / Software


Hyperion rebranding.


Hyperion needed a new identity, their previous mark was dated and difficult to implement.


Hyperion Solutions Corporation, a global leader in Business Performance Management software, asked Interbrand to revitalize their brand.


Building on the central brand idea of confluence, the visual identity represents the merging of financial and business processes. In addition to the new logo, Interbrand designed a full suite of visual solutions including signage, trade show exhibits, websites, Flash communications and a host of other online applications. They even created Hyperion ties using the mark.


Launched in April 2006, the new identity system successfully updated the image of this world-class software company. A year later Hyperion was acquired by Oracle, and eventually the brand was dissolved.


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Hyperion Lobby Signage

Hyperion, Rebranding